Eduardo Soibelmann Sztrajtman

Eduardo Soibelmann Sztrajtman, Brazil
Full-Time MBA Class of 2021

Academic Roles, Achievements and Activities

Student Athlete with academic merit-based and athletic scholarship at Purdue University, former professional tennis player, travelled more than 65 countries, volunteered helping people with disabilities to find joy on playing sports and worked in the construction of hospitals, hotels and malls.

What is invisible but essential about YOU? or ESADE? or Barcelona?

Sometimes people are labeled by their job, their university name or the field they choose to study. In my opinion, people are a lot more than where they work, where they study or what they decide to do professionally in their lives. My life has been very different from all my friends around me. As a teenager, I decided to start playing competitive tennis and begun travelling by myself around the world playing tennis. Travelling by myself at such young age in the junior and professional tennis circuit made me grow up as a human being. I had the opportunity to go to different countries, learn new languages, and meet people from different cultures. After my professional athletic life, I decided to go study engineering in another country as a student-athlete. At that point I left my country, my family and my friends to live with people from other countries in a place that had a hard winter season.

Coming from a country that has no snow, I found that some situations during winter can be hard, such as having to stay in the house for three days because snow covered the door from the outside. Leaving my own country and the culture that is usual to me is very important for my personal growth. Sometimes people are stuck with what they learned from their parents, friends and society around them and forget that there are billions of people on other parts of the world that live and think in a different way.

During all those years of playing tennis and studying at university, I decided that every year I will travel to different countries to see how is life in other parts of the world. All these travels and going abroad to live, made me a more patient and respectful person that can handle life and work situations better, respecting everyone’s culture and opinion. My life and the experiences I lived have shaped me into a better person and is something that might be invisible if people just consider where I come from, where I used to work or the field I decided to study in college.

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