Ana Elena Perez

Ana Elena Perez, Venezuela
Full-Time MBA Class of 2021

Professional Roles, Achievements and Activities

Led an alcoholic beverage Consumer Tracking System (CTS) reengineering, adjusting it to market changes and attaining representativeness in every city.

Designed and executed beer company leader, Cervecería Polar’s, two main events of 2018, “Oktoberfest Polar” and “Polar Beer Garden”, with a joint venue of 8,000 people.

Developed an innovative experiential marketing event, introducing a new product of leading premium beer brand, Solera IPA; a beer festival in a town centre with a venue of 3,000 people.

Created an event segmentation model, used for conceptualising 400 events within brand strategy. Elaborated an econometric model for estimating the beer market, defining a quarterly operational volume plan.

Coordinated a consumer study for leading beer brand, Polar Pilsen, essential for conceptualising its 2018 campaign with the highest effective visibility over three years (increase of six percentage points).

Implemented a promotional programme for Modern Trade top clients, increasing market share by more than three percentage points.

What is invisible but essential about YOU?

While living in Venezuela most of my life, I have seen how a country can experience a decay in almost every economic aspect. This experience has led me to reflect about society and our role as businessmen. During the last 5 to 6 years, the crisis has intensified in an exponential way, where the most affected are those in the lower socio-economic levels of society. As a consequence, deteriorating the general level of education, and corrupting our principles and values as a society.

Empresas Polar, the company that I used to work for, is an example of an organization that is aware of its role in society, therefore it has made a great effort to inculcate coexistence rules among its employees. These principles and values have been so well implemented that their impact has transcended to the company’s stakeholders, its employee’s families, and even to the general market, becoming a reference in the industry. Experiencing this up close, and evidencing its impact on the whole industry, has led me to acknowledge my responsibility as a businesswoman in the cultural transformation of a society, thus in the generation of welfare.

Likewise, apart from the corporate world, I have been dedicating some of my spare time to achieving personal goals related to different kinds of sports, like mountaineering and hiking. Nevertheless, the most challenging activity I have experienced is skydiving, where you have to train your mind to assimilate that you will be jumping from a plane at 13,000 ft.

The greatest thing about skydiving is that it takes you out of your comfort zone every time you jump. Once you get used to that feeling, you are no longer resistant to it in other aspects of your life, reaching a point where you even start enjoying it. Furthermore, you have to have discipline, mainly during the initial learning process, but also prior to every jump, where you have to review the possible complications and how to solve them without hesitation.

Finally, in skydiving you have to develop forward planning and flexibility. Once you open the parachute, you have to spend every second planning the next steps for a proper landing, and to be able to recalculate your plan with every deviation of the relevant variables. All things considered, I think skydiving, apart from being fun, it also trains your mind and it can help you develop competences that are useful for every aspect of your life.

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