Nikita Bazko

Nikita Bazko, United Kingdom
Full-Time MBA Class of 2021

Academic Roles, Achievements and Activities

ESADE MBA Scholarship, Undergraduate International Exchange Ambassador and Peer Group Leader, Mentor to the current student at Newcastle University and the regional start-ups, Co-captain of a Tennis team in doubles matches in Newcastle and a runner-up in 2013 and 2018 End of Season Championships.

What is invisible but essential about YOU?

I am an ordinary young man from a small ordinary Eastern European country, albeit some say I am very persistent when it gets to personal and professional aims.☺

Joking aside, there are qualities that make me who I am that I am really proud of:

1. Believe in true friendship and always come to help a friend in need.

As the old saying goes, it is much harder to build a true relationship than to break one. I left my home country many years ago, but still keep close ties with some of my best friends from school, tennis club and the neighborhood. Our relationship extends beyond occasional catch-ups to business projects, vacation trips, professional exam preparation, etc.

2. Remember and be proud of my country, its history and culture.

I really like visiting Latvia; the country where I grew up, and that gave me good education, provided a broad choice of sports, recreation and cultural activities. Reading a book at the sandy shores by the Baltic sea, listening to local folk music or exploring nature and wild life, brings back old memories, relaxes my mind and body and helps analyse performance and set up personal and professional plans.

3. Respect and learn from my parents and older people. I enjoy helping parents and grandparents with various jobs in the garden or around the house. I feel good solving technical problems related to computers or other devices. I also enjoy taking part in family holidays. These trips bring us closer and leave a lot of warm memories.

I learn a lot from parents. My Grandfather, among the other family members, remains instrumental in my development. He became a friend to me early on in life and taught me basics of swimming, painting, driving a car and other activities.

He had an exciting and very challenging career, managing large pools of people across 3 continents. Hence even now as an ESADE MBA, I could rely on him for advice on my career and personal life and be sure to obtain a top class viewpoint.

These three values that one can probably not see from the outset, bring a sense of fulfillment to me, since my efforts and knowledge are used in a good way to benefit my continued personal development and support the people around me.

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