Satomi Nagaoka

Satomi Nakagawa
Full-Time MBA Class of 2024


Professional Roles and Achievements


  • Esade’s Women leaders scholarship Recipient
  • Board member, Operations and Supply Chain Club
  • Finalist of Roland Berger International MBA Case Competition Academics


-MBA Batch of 2024

-Tohoku University, Master in Environmental Science, Bachelor in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

What is invisible but essential about YOU? or ESADE? or Barcelona?

My extensive backpacking experience in over 30 countries can be a good topic to share. Growing up, I had never had the opportunity to travel abroad as my parents were not financially well-off. However, as a university student, I embarked on my first overseas journey, travelling around South India for two months by local bus, with the money I had saved from working part-time at a bar. This experience led me to explore even more countries. I am a holder of a Laotian elephant rider’s license, have jumped into an icy lake in Moscow, swam with wild whale sharks in the Pacific Ocean, taken a shower naked with well water in the depths of the jungle with locals, and did a lot more. These experiences were particularly special to me as I could speak no other language than Japanese for the entire time. Interacting and communicating with locals beyond the language barrier, despite the challenge, was fun like nothing else, and greatly enriched my humanity. Embracing and appreciating other cultures also helped me to better appreciate and understand my own culture as a Japanese.

When I became a mother, I thought my days of adventure were behind me, but I still regretted not being able to engage in deep conversations with people from around the world. So, I made up my mind to study English seriously during maternity leave. I learned vocabulary from NETFLIX during breastfeeding time and practised speaking to my baby, who was patient with mistakes and the same stories. As a result, we both were able to speak English together. This ultimately led me to pursue an MBA, in one of the most globally diverse settings in the world. For me, an MBA program represents the realization of a dream, despite my lack of overseas experience and language skills, but have always yearned to explore the world. And I am excited to see what other dreams and aspirations will come to fruition from here.

Wishing you all a successful and fruitful MBA journey!

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