Devie Fibtarica

Devie Fibtarica, Indonesia
Full-Time MBA Class of 2022


Professional Roles, Achievements and Activities

  • I am a scholarship awardee from Bank Mandiri, the largest bank in Indonesia. I have been awarded the scholarship for 4 years in a consequence due to my works achievement in fulfilling the company KPI’s and have been awarded as high potential employee for the last few years.
  • I was the youngest Consumer Loan Manager who was appointed to manage the first-class area in Indonesia. I supervised a very big team around 60 people when I was 28 years old.
  • Awarded as The Best Consumer Loan Manager in 2018 and in the first semester of 2020
  • First trip to Europe fully paid by Bank Mandiri as achievement reward in 2017.
  • Winning a writing competition then published a novel when I was in the third grade of senior high school.

If you describe yourself with one word? Why?

Persistence. I will never give up! A determination to achieve dreams and the ability to persevere in tough times.

What is invisible but essential about YOU? or ESADE? or Barcelona?

As a girl who grew up in a small city of the developing country, Malang – Indonesia, I never imagine myself can achieve an MBA degree from a reputable business school in the world. I also have never been imagined myself to live in Europe in order to learn knowledge from the best expertise and ended up having many good friends from different nationalities. Honestly speaking, before 2019, I never see myself could get out from Indonesia to chase my dream as high as possible. Now that I have achieved my MBA from ESADE Business School Barcelona, without paying any cents, then I proved to myself that nothing is impossible when you believe.

I am a girl from a small and modest family, my father (who has passed away in 2010) was a government employee and my mother was simply a housewife. Both of my parents were having bachelor’s degree background from our hometown, Malang. None of them have ever been living outside Malang City, as they think that our hometown and our country is the best place in the world to live. Thus, they educated me to do the same things because that was all they know. My parents have been living a decent life in Malang by having a good job and saving money. Therefore, I did all my education from the first grade to my bachelor’s degree in Malang City as they wished. My parents did not expect me to also have the same job as they have, but they directed me to get a job as a doctor or an engineer as both occupations were the hottest trend in Indonesia at those times. People believed by being a doctor or an engineer, you will have a decent income and a successful career track. I did not want to study medical, so I ended up choosing engineering school. I was graduated from Brawijaya University Malang, I received my Electrical Engineering degree in 2012 with GPA almost cumlaude 3.45 out of 4.00.

I never expected that I can live outside Indonesia and obtain a master’s degree from the best business school simply because to live outside Indonesia is very costly. Business school tuition fee usually are also very expensive. My family would never afford it. When sometimes I brought the topic about living outside my hometown, Malang or living outside Indonesia, they will always say to me,”No need to dream too high of seeing the world, it’s risky. It’s not safe. It’s costly. You already have enough so be grateful. Malang is the best city and Indonesia is the best country to live.”  This type of thought is common in Indonesia, as most of Indonesian people are very low profile and to have a big dream means to do things with more risks as well. Not so many people are willing to take higher risks and moreover, to step out from their comfort zone. Since I was a little kid, I know that I like to see the world and willing to try new things. When I was 5 years old, my mother usually picked me in the kindergarten after school, but if she was late, even for 5 minutes, I walked home by myself. I would take a different route from my usual route which allowed me to see more interesting things like rice paddle and the green grass. My mother would be panicked but at the end she knew that I always could find my way home. I loved to see some movies which they showed the other side of the world. I knew how amazing the world outside my hometown and outside Indonesia from the television and internet. The furthest place I have been travelling to with my family were only to Bali, the most famous Island in Indonesia and Kalimantan, the biggest island in Indonesia. My family are not keen on travelling so much because it required a lot of money, so I keep the great desire of seeing the whole world by myself. I kept on believing that someday I will have the chance to get my dreams come true. I made a dream book when I was 19years old, and I put everything I want in that book. I put the images of the places which I want to go, which country I want to visit, what kind of job I want to have and what stuff I want to buy when I have my own salaries. Also, what kind of house I want to

have and everything else. I made this future affirmation when I was young to be able to achieve it. I made some important goals in my life, and I struggled all the way to fulfil it.

Even though I was graduated from engineering school, but I don’t want to be an engineer. What I really wanted to do in life is to be a marketing manager, or a business manager. I had some organizational experiences since I was in school, and I love to create big event to launch or promote some products. I like to work with people and to do some managerial works. I know I can negotiate very well even though I don’t have degree from communication school or business school. Thus, I applied to some leadership programmes in some companies including Bank Mandiri, the biggest bank in Indonesia. I hoped that I could work in managerial position like what I always dream for. I still do my family motto which is,”Do your best but stay modest”

Time flies so fast that I have never realized that I have been working for 8 years in Bank Mandiri. I have been doing my best so far so that I can achieve many awards in the company. I was also one of a very few empoloyees who has the fastest career track. My first trip to go outside Indonesia was in 2013 after had been working for one year in Bank Mandiri. I still remember it was Singapore, the first country I could afford to go by my own money. I feel proud of myself, and I feel happy that I can see another land outside Indonesia. The best moment for me was when I can travel but not by my own money, but because it was an award from my company for achieving the goals beyond 130%. My first trip to go to Europe was in 2017 and all paid by Bank Mandiri so that experience was really like a dream comes true. I have put Europe as my utmost dream in my dreambook when I was 19 years old then I got it when I was 27 years old without paying any cents. That was really an amazing moment for me.

“Nothing is impossible when you believe it” worked like a magic for me. I kept doing my best effort to achieve all my dreams. I did not stop. I want to see the world more and more. The best decision in my life was when I decided to do the MBA in 2019 as a sponsorship awardee from Bank Mandiri. Not just that I can learn business as I had been dreaming for song long but also I can stay in Europe and see more countries. I was also the first person from my region, Region 8 Bank Mandiri Surabaya, who was able to achieve such a prestigious reward like this. From 30 employees in Bank Mandiri who got the sponsorship to do the master program overseas, 90% are from Jakarta Region and Head Quarter and the rest were from Surabaya (me) and 2 people from Kalimantan-Maluku. I was able to inspire many employees from my region to achieve their dream as well, that nothing is impossible when you believe it.

From a girl who live in one small city for the whole of her life to a woman who are now already see 30 countries in her 30s, I would say I am glad that I have made many good decisions in my life. From a girl who always heard people said to her,”You can’t do that, it’s impossible or it’s risky” and now she can reply back,”I am doing my MBA in Europe, I have seen Africa and America, all by my own without any help from anyone” with wide grin on her face. As of now, even though I have achieved many things in life, it does not mean that I will stop. I keep on having other big dream. I still have many goals that I want to achieve, and I will not give up to any of them. I still want to keep inspire people that “Nothing is impossible when you believe” because it works for me, and it changed my life. I hope, it can also changes people’s life.

Shelly Shaurya

Shelly Shaurya, India
Full-Time MBA Class of 2023

Professional Roles, Achievements and Activities


  • NTSE (National Talent Search Examination) Scholar, awarded by Govt. of India
  • L.B.L Jain award for excellence in sports and studies, awarded by St. Stephen’s College, Delhi University
  • College blue (three consecutive year) and a special award for cricket, awarded by St. Stephen’s College, Delhi University
  • Captain of Delhi cricket team (u-23 and u-25)
  • Amazon no.1 best-seller author
  • Awarded a literary award for my book Green Line
  • Awarded “Blue tie” for excellence and consistency in studies and “Red tie” for excellence in sports, awarded by DPS RK Puram


  • Played cricket professionally for over 14 years, and played in the IPL (Indian Premier League) and Ranji Trophy
  • Getting among top 30 cricketers each year by BCCI and training in National Cricket Academy
  • Started a foundation
  • Writing books


  • MBA Batch of 2023, Esade Business School B.A Economics (Hons)
  • St. Stephen’s College, Delhi University

What is invisible but essential about YOU? or ESADE? or Barcelona?

I believe there are three types of invisible but essential traits within myself. They are effective time management, venturing new areas and my perseverance. I’ve been pursuing multiple things at a time. It was probably because I had many passions, and I didn’t want to pick and choose. From a very early age, I realized that managing my time and allocating a certain time to each activity will only get me through all of them.

In school, I used to divide my time in such a way that helped me achieve “age quod agis”, which roughly translates to “do what you are doing”.

I could represent my school in various math and science competitions, sports competitions and at the same time play cricket professionally. I loved studying and playing sports right from childhood. Getting awards from the school every year for performing in school or getting a national scholarship from the Govt. of India or representing the Delhi cricket team happened just because I was focused and managed my time to do all these activities and dared to take up the challenges.

As I grew up, it was only later that I realized that these invisible traits or intrinsic qualities are helping me get into the grooves of the things I chose to do.

Even while playing in the IPL (Indian Premier League), one of the biggest international cricket tournaments in the world, I could not detach myself from academics. I worked on different assignments related to natural resources. Time management has helped me pursue my different passions. It’s a common misconception that if you have a schedule, and then you lead a mechanical, single-dimensional, boring life. It is actually the other way round. You can dare to enjoy many things with a schedule, try many different things, and grow in many facets of life.

Because of my travels, I could try my hands-on photography and developed a good knack for wildlife photography. Later on, I researched how to manage natural resources better and come up with green jobs. I started a charitable foundation to work on various projects to uplift rural and tribal communities in varied ways. To bring attention to the unique Ladakhi Bactrian camel or to revive the National School Sanitation Initiative are some other areas I have ventured.

I feel my life took a new turn when I represented India at the United Nations Conferences, presenting and talking about my ideas and theories on combating desertification and ensuring climate change mitigation. All of this helped me write books. I was never a “writer”. Even now, I don’t feel like one. But that didn’t stop me from just trying it out. And now I can’t stop writing.

To learn further the art of management and establish sustainable global businesses, I thought of pursuing an MBA, and I’m happy to land at Esade, which is one of the best in the world.

People sometimes think it’s a ‘Veni Vidi Vici’ situation for me. But the truth is far from it. My invisible but essential traits of grit, dare to act, and efficient time management has greatly helped me in life. This is something I’ll be banking on while pursuing my MBA at Esade and life beyond it.

Francesco Iacono

Francesco Iacono, Italy
Full-Time MBA Class of 2023

Professional Roles, Achievements and Activities

I am an MBA Candidate at ESADE in 2023 class; I held a Bachelor (2010) and a Master’s (2013) Degree in Management Engineering at the University of Naples “Federico II” and at “The Royal Institute of Technology” (Stockholm)

What is invisible but essential about YOU? or ESADE? or Barcelona?

December ‘12. A couple of weeks before flying to Stockholm (where I would have prepared my thesis), my sister, only 17, was diagnosed with a tumor. The world collapsed on me, also because I would have left soon, and I could not have given my support to my family in such a tough moment. Despite everything, I decided to go because I didn’t have any other choice or a B-plan.

During the 6 months abroad, my sister’s condition was very fluctuating: some days she was better, other she got worse. I reacted by keeping my mind occupied all the time, working on my thesis with the utmost dedication, focused on my goal: the degree.

It was a tough challenge that forced me to rely only on myself. I had many times the desire to return to Italy, but then I retraced my steps, thinking about all the way I had done until then: this kept me alive.

In July ‘13, I returned to Italy, and my sister seemed to get better, but, while I started working, she had a relapse. Within a few months, in December, the disease finally won over my sister.

I had been preparing for this event for months, and I tried to face it in the most mature way possible, forcing me not to let events take control of my life. And so, it was my biggest challenge: I “survived” transforming the pain into a tremendous inner strength, which pushed me to take back my life. I learned that the best way to overcome difficulties is to start thinking about “tomorrow” instantly, and I owe this consciousness to my sister. This awareness is my weapon today, making me a very balanced but also strong person, always ready to chase challenging goals, without any fear of difficulties. Pursuing an MBA was a long-time dream, one of those dreams perhaps destined to remain in the drawer, because it is too big and too risky, for many reasons. And so I owe to the invisible but essential (and constant) presence of my sister in my life, the courage to really live and get my dreams.

Julian C. Clymer

Julian C. Clymer, United States
Full-Time MBA Class of 2023

Professional Roles, Achievements and Activities

  • ESADE Social Impact Scholar
  • California Farm Bureau collaboration with Mission Farm and Community Action Napa Valley Food Bank
  • Active musician and sportsman

What is invisible but essential about YOU? or ESADE? or Barcelona?

Our future leaders need to be globally minded in commodities exchange and the future of agriculture depends on solutions created utilizing international relations. I have been actively involved in California Farm Bureau Federation for five years allowing me to understand food systems domestically and how they affect global trade. I had the opportunity to lead and collaborate with multi-generational ranching families, motivated agriculturists and wine-growers from across the globe. I know the environment at ESADE will be one of diversity, leadership, and networking that will elevate the continued success of our student class and the institution.

What is invisible but essential to myself is my time as former chair of Napa California Farm Bureau’s Young Farmers & Ranchers. From 2019-2021 our organization fundraised over $30,000 for agriculture education scholarships and enrichment programs. I was extremely proud of our organization to pivot during the pandemic and utilize resources in new and creative ways. ‘Harvest For All’ is a nationwide US gleaning effort to coordinate food donations produced at local farms and ranches. Our organization bridged new connections with local organizations to donate 20,000 pounds of produce and contribute over 300 volunteer hours. I was able to exercise my creativity and perseverance in order to understand the needs of others and where we could offer help. Our participants were galvanized by stewardship of the land and the will to give.

As an ESADE Social Impact Scholar I look forward to study of logistics involved in feeding rural, urban, and diverse communities that each present their own challenges. As our global population continues to grow, leaders in agriculture business need to be innovative, aware, and dynamic in order to deliver commodities efficiently while maintaining economic viability. Continued pressure on food systems reveal shortcomings that are not sustainable and require revision or policy change. Understanding the science of these cropping systems helps bolster solutions, but implementation requires a collaborative understanding of many different disciplines.

My early career in the wine industry has placed me within operations all over the globe including the laboratory, the boardroom, and the vineyard. During my recent years studying at Oregon State University, I have acquired introductory knowledge of agricultural commodities trading and how crops are grown. I would like to become an innovative leader in food systems, vertical farming, or adjacent agricultural products that can shape the emerging market of food securities internationally. A professional experience at ESADE is the holistic learning environment offering career transformation in order to achieve my goals.

Mertina Rakhmawaty

Mertina Rakhmawaty, Indonesia. Full-Time MBA Class of 2022

Professional Roles, Achievements and Activities

Receiving a full-time MBA sponsorship by Bank Mandiri, awarded as a high performance top 4 in a row, chosen as one of Bank Mandiri Culture Squads (Culture Change Agent) in 2018. Pertaining to my passion in entrepreneurship, I participated as a seller in the 19th Jakarta International Handicraft Trade Fair in 2017

What is invisible but essential about YOU? or ESADE? or Barcelona?

I encountered a unique childhood experience. I grew up as a kid who was forced to adapt to many new things as my father, who was working in the army, frequently moved from one place to another place, from one island to different islands in my country. Not only was I forced to adapt to those places that I lived temporarily had, but I was also forced to meet many new people in a short period since I should transfer my school from one place to another place following where my father was assigned to work. One of the unforgettable memories that I will always remember is every time I did the local language examinations. As my country is culturally and linguistically rich, I should face different local languages anytime I moved to a new place which means also moving to a new school; and this experience happened like a momentum because it occurred once every three years. I could not control my nervousness anytime that exam came and what made it worse was the local language examination was a part of the school curriculums. The circumstances of my nomadic life definitely have shaped me to be who I am today. Although in the past, I thought I could not stand those pressures, for now, I realize how special that experience was. Having been through the dynamic childhood and teen stages of my life, what came first as discomfort that often makes me so hard toward myself, I now understand how great the advantages I have carried thus far. I have become a person who always thrives on my goals and has self-reliance.

My childhood experiences, which were not easy for me, really influenced me until I grew up. The fear and the anxiety sometimes stroke in. Then, there was a milestone that happened in my life when I met my partners in my office. Through them, I learned about the real collaboration spirits which are reflected in daily life and professional careers. I started to open myself more to people around me. Having been surrounded by those people, I felt that everybody was supportive, helpful, and reliable. I could share my workload with them, address questions when necessary, also have some fun. Meeting those people has made me understand the meaning of a positive circle. They encouraged me to be the better version of myself and always support me in the tough times. Some of my partners who have been inspiring me until today graduated from ESADE. From them, the ESADE journey begins.

After hearing their stories about ESADE, my curiosity arouse. I did some research on the internet about ESADE. My goal back then was to accelerate myself and to equip myself with more experience in the global business. I also wanted to improve myself by understanding people’s unique excellence. The more I dig in more information, the more I got better ideas that everyone has their strengths. I was trying to also do a self-reflection. I consider myself as a person who is always positive in most situations because I believe that what is positively sowed will fruit positively. However, not every one of us is brave enough to have the confidence to show the world our true colors.

Thinking about this further always brings me to what my mother taught me. She said to me that if I want to make others happy, I should feel contented first then I would have enough to give others. Also, she told me to trust the process. When we see things positively, the universe will align with us. Now, as I am in ESADE and I have met a lot of new people from diverse backgrounds and skills, I am more convinced and agree with the idea that everyone is a gem. What I think everyone should do is sharing positivity and encouragement in every situation because this is the key to peace and harmony. By having high self-reliance, we could change what seems impossible to be possible

Connor Sullivan

Connor Sullivan, United States
Full-Time MBA Class of 2022

Professional Roles, Achievements and Activities

  • FinTech Club Founding Member
  • President of Sales & Business Development Club
  • ESADE Runners Leader

What is invisible but essential about YOU? or ESADE? or Barcelona?

My parents lived in Tokyo during the ’80s and moved back to the United States to start a family. I was the firstborn into a large Irish Catholic family living in the New York City area. Growing up, my mother tutored Japanese American children in our home during weekdays. After English class was dismissed, the student’s mothers would drop off Japanese candies or food. “Nori” became a favourite lunchtime staple of mine, despite the ridicule of my classmates. These early experiences helped me develop a connection with the outside world. Twenty-some years later, I was on a one-way flight to Singapore’s Changi Airport. I remember the conversations with co-workers before leaving “You’re moving where?”

Over the next couple years, I experienced life on the other side of the world, working in Singapore, Hong Kong & Tokyo.  It is was equally exciting & challenging, and where I received my first cultural crash course.  It is also where I met my wife, from Bordeaux, who opened my eyes to another distinctly new (and delicious) culture.  Early last year, in the midst of COVID, we chose Barcelona for the next stop in our journey.  To us, we saw Barcelona as a global city that was still in touch with its roots, something that resonated with us both.  To me, ESADE represented the same identity, and it is where I’ve found a truly global family here in Spain.  In six months from now, the next chapter in our story will begin as we welcome a Franco-American child here in Barcelona.  While an identity crisis may be on the horizon, we couldn’t be happier to start our family here within Barcelona & ESADE.

Heejun Goo

Heejun Goo, South Korea
Full-Time MBA Class of 2022

Professional Roles, Achievements and Activities

From a young age, through my teenage years, my only focus was Taekwondo as a junior professional player, and my childhood dream was to become a member of the Korean National Taekwondo Team. However, the first dream was shattered when I got herniated disc in my back, and after recovering my body and my mind through a horrible and long rehabilitation process, I started thinking about another future plan. My only real interest outside of Taekwondo was the content, media, and entertainment, so I decided to pursue a career in that field and went to study in the UK. I enjoyed my university life with various and dynamic experiences. After graduation, I finally achieved my second dream. I joined CJ ENM, which is a leading media company in Korea and producer & distributor of the great movie, Parasite. Amongst those challenging and dynamic time in my life, I would like to talk more about my work experiences.

I started my career as an intern in 2012 and by 2016, I had gained a variety of experience across the media and entertainment industry. In 2017, when I felt I was reaching a crossroads in my career over whether to focus on becoming a specialist or take a managerial path, my own line manager helped me take the decision to focus on the managerial track. After working hard on developing my leadership skills, in 2018, I was ranked first in my division and was selected for the ‘potential leader’ development program, operated by the Human Resource Management team. In addition, I was also selected as an employee representative at a commemoration ceremony in 2019 and received a citation from the CEO. The fact that my hard work and achievements were recognized early by my manager and the company and I was given the opportunity to develop my skills as a leader, is something that I am very proud of.

What is invisible but essential about YOU? or ESADE? or Barcelona?

As said, I was a junior Taekwondo professional player. When I was in middle and high school, I typically spent at least ten hours a day practicing, and I built a reputation as a promising player. However, I could not make the dream due to a severe herniated disc in my back. The horrible accident suddenly and unexpectedly hit me, and I was afraid of losing the thing that was most important to me. In addition, my doctor warned me that there was a chance that I would not walk again. The first three months of rehabilitation were the toughest, I continually fell over, had bruises all over my body, and had trouble sleeping due to the pain. Thanks to my family, but I could overcome the toughest moment in my life so far and came back to a normal life without any pains.

Through this process, I started to realize that I was a naturally positive and strong-willed person, which has given me the added confidence that I can achieve anything I set my mind to in the future. Also, I realized that I am very systematically planned, structured, and self-disciplined person through the rehabilitation. I built the habit of setting goals, making plans, and implementing them on every single day during the rehabilitation. Lastly, but most importantly, I learnt the lesson that “too much is as bad as too little & to always be humble for both physically and mentally” as I tried to understand what caused my herniated disc. These three lessons have become ESSENTIAL factors in my life. 

For me, ESADE is a representative of diversity, equality, and harmony. As a child I was strongly influenced by my mother, who was a social worker helping senior citizens and immigrants, and the lessons she taught me about treating everyone equally, has meant that I am able to get along with everyone, irrespective of their background. I hope this another essential but invisible of me will be aligned with ESADE SPIRIT. Now, I am enjoying ESADE MBA life and trying to improve and hone myself to start on the path to becoming an industry leader who can positively influence the people around me.

Beatriz Hortelano Garvayo

Beatriz Hortelano Garvayo, Spain
Full-Time MBA Class of 2022

Professional Roles, Achievements and Activities

  • Visiting 55 countries, some with friends some alone
  • My contribution in “Arjuna el Guerrero de la Luz” a Poetry collection by my mother which was published in 2019
  • Volunteering in Mexico for two months providing medical and psychological support to 150 children of the same community
  • Five years of international professional experience

What is invisible but essential about YOU? or ESADE? or Barcelona?

Raised between Spain and Germany, I have constantly moved from one country to another. When thinking of “Invisible but essential” the first thing that pops into my mind “Nec spe nec metu” – without hope, without fear. By following and believing in this phrase, my heart suddenly got divided between the place where I was born and the place where I was reborn:

I’ve long tried to be invisible. Even when out among “the people,” I preferred to pass unnoticed, to merge with the crowd. You can call it being introverted if you will. My desire to remain invisible was based less on wanting to be left alone and more on not wanting to bother anyone. I tried to pass through crowds as smoothly as I could for many years, letting people pass when they were in a hurry and holding open doors whenever I could, contributing whilst not taking.

Until I found myself searching for the right answer to the question someone had asked me: “What’s the reason for you not doing this Bea?” “Lack of self-confidence?” Probably. And there I was, in Germany, aged 22, just me and my invisibility. Realizing the urge to redirect all this invisible energy into something noticeable, meaningful, and impactful. And so, I did. In turn, I experienced a self-transformation that brought me here.

Invisibility doesn’t mean sacrificing one’s individuality, it only means not having to assert it all the time. But still, assert it from time to time. In this sense, when realized, it can reflect a deeper sense of self-confidence than standing out. Even if no one else ever knows.

Nowadays, it is often difficult to stop and appreciate what we are and what we have. The following exercise helped me recognize the importance of ourselves. I hope you enjoy it.


Stand in front of a mirror, look into your eyes, and say out loud that you love yourself.

How often do we do that? Not often enough. But the more we do it the more it builds in our sub consciousness.

The how: take a mirror, look at yourself. 3 reps of mirror work. Appreciate yourself. That’s you.


The how: Write 3 affirmations. 3 reps out loud of each.

  • I AM PROUD OF MYSELF (There are many reasons you can be proud of)
  • I AM DOING MY BEST (We tend to be too hard on ourselves. Remember we always try our best. Don’t forget that)
  • I DON’T HAVE TO BE ANYONE ELSE BUT ME (We are constantly comparing things, careers, and personalities. Stop it. You are unique, stay unique.)


Being grateful for ourselves, bodies, health, or whatever it is about us.

The how: Note 3 things we are grateful for. Thinking about it is also powerful.

  • I am grateful for the mistakes I have made in my life (Mistakes. Sounds kind of negative right? But you would probably not be here today if it wasn’t for them. Enjoy their outcome)


Hug more. Often. Give a hug to yourself for 30 secs.

The how: Take your arms and gently wrap them around yourself. Breathe. Let yourself know that you are here. Be present. Enjoy the moment. Breathe. Notice how you are feeling. Breathe.

Ryo Ishiyama

Ryo Ishiyama, Japan
Full-Time MBA Class of 2022

Professional Roles, Achievements and Activities

I have been working for a railway company, East Japan Railway Company, and trying to make changes in its industry and society. One of my experiences that could sound unique is that I contributed to open the door for the industry to step forward to another field of business as a Corporate Venture Capital by leading “JR East Startup Program” an open-innovation project successfully.

The railway industry tends to be conservative, given that top priority is always safety, but I was lucky to take that position to make a change when the industry needed it because of the changing business situations especially regarding the decreasing population and aging society in Japan. I decided to open our resources for startups to incorporate our business legacies with their innovative ideas. This process of collaboration was really stimulating for me, and I got so excited when I saw our first cashier-free convenience store open in Tokyo.

What is invisible but essential about YOU? or ESADE? or Barcelona?

My invisible but essential fact is that I am a tap dancer. Even though I had been swimming competitively since I was 2 years old, I decided to start something completely new in my university period. I had never danced in my life until then, but I had a positive impression about tap dance from the Hollywood musical movies that my parents watched when I was little and thought tap dance would be a nice skill to have because it was rare in Japan. Once I start practicing it, I got absorbed. When I was an exchange student in Seattle, it helped me out jump in the local communities and perform on one of the biggest tap dance showcases in the United States.

Another invisible but essential fact is that I am a triathlete. I started triathlon 5 years ago when my father gave an advice “to be excellent in a field, try to find the right place for you by combining your hobbies/interests that you are good at.” For me, triathlon was perfect because I was good at swimming and used to go biking and running as hobbies. As my father told me, it was relatively easier for me to be competitive in triathlon races than expected, and I liked it. This is what I always recall when I feel lost in work or study because this reminds me of the importance and meaningfulness of what I would acquire and leverage in the future. I am really looking forward to seeing how I can find positive combinations from my past experiences and my MBA journey at ESADE.

Adrian Schier

Adrian Schier, Germany
Full-Time MBA Class of 2022

Academic Roles, Achievements and Activities

  • VP of Operations Consulting Club
  • VP of Communication Sales & Business Development Club
  • Vice President of student board BBA
  • Volunteered at charity events as part of the National Honor Society in high school

What is invisible but essential about YOU? or ESADE? or Barcelona?

When I was three years old, I asked my mother why I looked different than her. Ever since then, my adoption, diversity, and different cultures have been an open topic. Growing up in Germany with traditional values while appearing Vietnamese has made me aware of diversity from an early age. Questions of heritage, behavior, and customs were always openly discussed in my family.

I grew up in a small town near Hamburg, Germany but moved to Texas to attend public high school at the age of fourteen. The scenery changed from seeing bicycles to pick-up trucks, walking to school vs. taking the yellow bus, and watching soccer to American football. The adjustment to this cultural shock took a while, but the experience not only opened my eyes to a completely different culture but more importantly taught me to truly understand cultural values from the other person’s perspective.

“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions”, said Oliver Wendell Holmes and I firmly believe in this statement. Because of this, it is essential that we are open to new ways of thinking and encourage others to do the same despite not everyone wanting to. Over the years I’ve realized the value of surrounding yourself with people that have a positive impact on your life, embrace differences, and keep challenging you to grow. The ESADE careers team places special emphasis on cultural fit and diversity and I am quite amazed how much that shows. Our MBA batch consists of 187 students and 47! nationalities. Each person has a unique story to tell and we are all learning from each other’s experiences. I look forward to shaping the future with potential leaders from all across the world!