Santiago Guerrero

Santiago Guerrero, Ecuador
Full-Time MBA 2020

Academic Roles, Achievements and Activities
I have a strong entrepreneurial spirit. Before ESADE, I created and developed a business acceleration program which helps SMBs owners create better and more efficient businesses. I have also founded an international book fair and an entire online corporate Learning Management System. I have managed budgets of up to $165,000 and teams of up to 30 people.

What is invisible but essential about YOU? or ESADE? or Barcelona?
Creative writing, literature, and spirituality have always been invisible but essential for me. To have peace and balance and to be truly happy, I need to be involved in some sort or another with them, every day.

When I was 14 years old, I started writing as a means of expressing myself. With some intermittency, I have kept it going for my entire life. That has led to more than eight creative writing contests won, two books published, and myriads of short stories and reflections written. I also have a Facebook page where I publish my short stories ( In a way, writing is a way for me to keep track of my existence, and to make sense of the chaos of life.

Literature is another pillar of my life. For me, reading is a way of exploring other realities and other points of view. There is no better feeling than to read a book and feel that you are a different person because of it. My love for books led me to create an International Book Fair in my home province. Last year we organized its forth edition, with more than $50,000 in funding from various donors and 10,000 attendees. My goal with the fair is to attract people to discover the magic of books, and to deeply enrich their lives by doing so.

Last, but not least, is spirituality. I think that the only way to find heaven and happiness here on Earth is to have it inside ourselves, in our souls. That can only be achieved with a strong spiritual side. With that in mind, I am a devote believer in Jesus Christ and his teachings of love and compassion for the world. I am also interested in other forms of spirituality, like Buddhism, Zen meditation, and even the serenity that comes from philosophies such as the one from Alcoholics Anonymous. I love learning about other religions in the world, and how people find solace in them. I always like to tell that I have a wooden sculpture of Ganesha, the lord of wisdom and luck, the removal of obstacles and my favorite Hindu God, in my room. I brought him from my trip to India and is always with me.

Writing, literature, and spirituality keep me going day by day, and make my life substantially sweeter and nicer with their presence. I just wish that God keeps granting me the time and opportunity to develop and enjoy them, before he decides to call me by his side.

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