Shehryar Azhar

Shehryar Azhar, Canada & UAE
Full-Time MBA Class of 2020

Academic Roles, Achievements and Activities

1. VP of ESADE Finance Club
2. Turned around my family business (management consulting) post financial crisis
3. Oversaw the development and implementation of new strategies and internal structures for my family business
4. Managed and executed several trade transactions as a Corporate Banker

What is invisible but essential about YOU? or ESADE? or Barcelona?

I consider myself to be a Global Citizen, as I have Indian and Pakistani roots, have lived most of my life in the Middle East, and am a Canadian citizen. I have lived in two of the most culturally diverse cities in the world: Dubai and Toronto. As a result, I am fortunate to have interacted, befriended, and leaned from people of various backgrounds over the years. Being in Barcelona for my MBA has been able to further enrich my experience with people from around the world. During the MBA I have also lived in Bangalore (India) and Berlin (Germany) for my internships.

Academically speaking, I am a Professional CMA (Certified Management Accountant), have a Masters degree in Islamic Banking and Insurance and am currently pursuing a Full-Time MBA at Esade Business School in Barcelona. I completed my undergrad degree at Western University, studying Management & Organizational Studies, in 2008.

I have spent most of my career as an Entrepreneur and in Financial Services. What I am most proud of is when I joined my family business in 2010 and oversaw the turnaround of the business which had been adversely affected by the Global Financial Crisis. Following that I was involved in Financial Services for a period of six years, namely in Risk Management, Corporate Banking and Private Banking. I have also operated as an independent (part-time) consultant for various small to medium sized firms as a business adviser / consultant.

I am a proud husband and father of two daughters. My second daughter, in fact, was born in Barcelona during my MBA, which was quite a unique experience. Finally, I am a cancer survivor. I was diagnosed with a form of stage-1 cancer in 2015, however I had a great set of doctors and strong support from my family that helped me get through the ordeal. Today, I can say that I am 100% healthy and living a happy, healthy, fulfilling life.

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