Guil Ezovi

Guil Ezovi, Israel
Full-Time MBA Class of 2021

Academic Roles, Achievements and Activities

Class representative (2012), dean’s list (2012), worked for University’s visitors center to showcase Technion’s connection to Israel to worldwide delegations, volunteering at a Jewish summer camp in the US to represent Israel on behalf of the Jewish Agency.

What is invisible but essential about YOU?

Ever since I was young, science and healthcare have been present in my life. I was intrigued by science, and its ability to create value. My passion for science began with the first Lego set I received from my parents. At elementary school, I participated in extra-enrichment courses. During these courses, I developed my thinking and broadened my knowledge. As a result of my success in these courses, I became a teen counselor for them, helping others enjoy the beautiful world of science.

Nevertheless, at some point I felt that science as a hobby was not enough. I wanted to do something meaningful with it, but still did not know what specifically that was. In a strange way, my father was the one who influenced my decision to join the world of health care. My father was injured during his military service in the 1970’s and suffered from PTSD. Unfortunately, he also suffered from an occupational accident during his work in the Petrochemical industry. Since then, the healthcare system, medical equipment, drugs, and doctors have been a routine part of our life. I used to accompany him to his medical exams, prepare his inhalation machine when he could not breathe properly, and verify that his drugs were not expired. Over time, I realized the necessity of good medical care, available equipment and drugs, and the dependence patients have on these assets. Perhaps unknowingly, this incident and its effects played an important role in what led me to pursue a career in the medical device industry.

My decision to study at the Technion, specifically quality engineering, was related to the fact that I want to help better the world. I arranged to do this by helping businesses to plan, measure, and improve their products. During my studies, I realized that my interests correlate to the field of medical devices. This industry contains many start-ups and businesses that rely on quality engineers. Post-graduation, I entered the field and realized the magnitude of the healthcare industry, and its impact on billions of people. At first, I worked for a drug-delivery company that manufactured infusion pumps. I understood that this product could help millions get treatment for their illness once available at low cost. At the recent company I work for, BrainsGate, I acquired knowledge about the medical device start-up industry, its challenges, and its advantages. BrainsGate is developing an implantable device to treat stroke patients. I feel proud and excited to be part of an initiative that enhances stroke patients’ quality of living. By being part of this initiative, I feel that I am helping and contributing to society, specifically to people who are not receiving the standard of care that they should be for their conditions.

Eventually, all these steps assisted me in crafting my future dreams. I aspire to fulfill them by learning about the healthcare and entrepreneurial worlds at ESADE, and thereby become an ethical leader. I believe that in face of the global challenges ahead of humankind, ethics is one of the main pillars when working in healthcare, where each decision could have the possibility to affect millions of people worldwide.

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